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Default Severne Gator RDM or SDM ?


just after some advice on mast choice for Severne Gator. I have noticed that recommended masts on website for 2009 sales have moved from RDM for 5.5 and below to SDM whats the thinking behind this ?

I have an 2008 Gator 5.5 which I have been running on a 430 SDM (AMEX 75% Crosscut mast) and although happy with the sail did wonder if I was missing out on performance as using an SDM rather than recommended RDM (as per 2008 website)

Was planning on buying a 4.7 Gator and as per 08 Website assumed I would need to but new RDM however is SDM now suitable ?

Also if I cant get hold of Severne mast which accessory brand masts would be suitable for 4.7 ?

cheers for any advice
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