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Default First runs on F-Type 158 + 11.0

Hi again Roger.
Sometime ago you helped me to build my big gear, I got a F-Type 158 + Gaastra Swift 11.0 with aluminium boom.
For some reasons, I just had my first runs last weekend, and I would like to give you my first impressions.
Up to know, my biggest sail was a 7.9, so I have a lot of things to learn, about the bigger sail and the board.
About the sail definetly I need to buy a on-board control system for the outhaul, for improving the range and not waste time going to the sore for adjusting manually. Big power.
The boom was at my forehead height, on non planning conditions I had to jump for hanging on the harness lines, however when planning I had to be carefull for not unhooking.. I did not feel very comfortable becouse of this. I felt quite too close to the water, I do not understand why, with the boom so high. The harness lines are about 22" long (Or it was 26", can not remember..). The harness is a "crossover", not a "sitting racing" one. Any remarks?
I put the footstraps on the most rear-out position, (as it has to be)
The board is definetly the easiest planning board ever tried. I put the front foot on the strap, just hang down from the boom and go! Later hook on the harness and put the rear foot in the strap.
For going upwind, I tried to lift the front foot and push with the back foot, but becouse of my stance too low/close to the water I was not comfortable to find the "sweet magic carpet" feeling that you say.
I feel I should have been planning faster than I was, there were about 10 knots.
I will apreciatte your remarks to improve my sailing with this kit.
I am 74kg

Thanks a lot!
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