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Default trying small boards

So, last wednesday i had the day off and the good lords smiled upon me by blowing about 28 knots my way. Excited like a little boy on xmas eve i took off to my local spot which had changed from a flatwater lake to a giant bowl of irregular chop with water flying around and little waves bashing into the wood on the lakeside.
I got out my 4.2 (i never thought i'd be testing that sail so soon) and had the misfortune that i had left my 90 l waveboard somewhere else ready to leave to another spot (i got a call late the night before calling that trip off so i got stuck with my 113l board ... how screwed can u get?) so off i went on my flow and a 28 cm fin. Downwind went fine, i hit the back of the waves and never had too many problems, coming back upwind however was something else, the irregular chop meant i bumped into wave after wave with barely any time to regain controle of the board and resulting always in a nice little crash about halfway the lake.
I finally got sick of the big board and took out an old wave warrior which had no volume indication but after talking to a few peaple and considering it's length, age and width we gathered it must have been like 70 l or so. Now i never sailed anything that small and the idea was that i'd test the 90 l that day for the first time but none the less i took it out and tried it.
Beachstarting that bugger was a struggle on its own, i had enough power to hang my entire wieght on the sail and get the board to turn downwind but no matter how hard i tried i couldn't get the board to plane, even worse, i only got it fully out the water when an immense gust it me (must have been around 32 knts). Waterstarting was as big a catastrophe as beachstarts but i never got into any real problems and always got back. But i wondered, do you always need to be so overpowered as a heavyweight to sail small boards like that ??? I mean, if i had put up a 4.7 i'd have been propperly overpowered but i'd probably also have been too fast with that boards if i would have been on propper waves, so whats the deal?
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