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i weigh 95 Kg
I noticed that my 4.7 and 4.2 are both very sensitive sails, they cath every bit of wind there is and have a lot of power. I love how nervous they are, they feel like a couple of race horses wanting to just simply go and keep going.
So in it's essence, if i'd have rigged lets say 4.5 or so i would have gotten away with it. I basicly faced the same problems as you did on the 75l board, though the wave warrior has a propper nose but a really sensitive tail, the slightest amount of backfoot pressure and it was game over. I got it floating a couple of times but even then i was really waiting for a good gust to come and take me away ...
At least i have good hope now for the 90 l board. If i can get back and forth on a 70 l i can easily do it on 90, just need to think about more sailpower i guess. The 4.2 was marginal at some points...but on a 113 l it was getting out of controle as u can immagine.
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