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hi guys, my weight is 69kg and i have a evo 2009 66 carbon/wood. I sail this board with severne s1 sails , the 2008 3.7 , 4.5 , and the 5.3. For the 5.3 the board is a little to small and now i am looking for a board that is just a little bit bigger (just a little bit) and witch i can sail when my 66 is to small (for 5.3 or underpowerd 4.5). I love the feeling of the 66 bytheway and it planes realy quick , it is also a very fast board and the weight is unbeliveble (i have weighted it at 4.8kg without footstraps and fin). i will use the new bigger board from 17 to 25 knots. I cant make up my mind if i am byuing a kombat 79 wood 2008 or a kode 74 wood/carbon or a kode 80 wood/carbon, but my favorite one to buy at this moment is the evo 70 wood/carbon 2009. Is this a good choose? I dont want a really big board. Does the evo 70 has the same board feel as the 66 only a little bit bigger or is it completly a different board?
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