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Hi Roger,

I frequently find myself sailing in light winds (10-15 knots) and would like to get some suggestions for an early planning upgrade over my beginner board. I'm an advanced beginner (tacking, gybing, harness, foot straps) at 6'1" and 195 lbs presently using the following:

Mistral N'Trance (199L, 280 x 80 cm, 13.9 KG)
Sailworks Retro 9.5
G-Sport Driver 60 fin

This board has served me really well in both non-planning and planning conditions (I have smaller sails and fins as well). However, I would like to know how much I can lower my planning threshold with a lighter weight/higher performance board? With that in mind, can I get your thoughts on the following boards:

Starboard Furuta 155 - somewhat concerened about the Futura's durability with my learning progression. Need a nose protector for sure.

Fanatic Shark 160 (160L, 268 x 80 cm, 10.3 KG) - read great reviews and could use my existing PowerBox fins.

Bic Techno Formula (165L, 267 x 94 cm, 10.8 KG) - I suspect that the extra width would be ideal for early planning, but I'm not sure if my beginner level skills are ready for a formula type board.

Thanks in advance,
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