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thanks ola, so it is between the kode 80 wood/carbon 2009 and the evo 70 wood/carbon 2009? Diffecult to choose... again, my evo 66 is a suberb board in all means but i dont no if it is a real evo style board because it is really fast (a bit acid like) and i had last year a evo 75 wood 2008 witch i dont liked at all, it was to heavy on my feet and to slow on the reaction side , not loose enough. Last year i prefer the acid wood above the evo 75 wood but i have never sailed a evo 70. I have read that boujjema had placed a acid rail (and scoop/rocker?) line off the acid on the 66 so thats also why i dont no if it is really a evo style board. Do you no this? My prefference still go's out to the evo 70 wood/carbon and that there is only 4 liters difference between 66 and the 70 is no problem for me but i wonder if the 66 is really 66 liters because it feels a bit less , more 64 or 63 liters. Ola ,now you now this do you still recemand the evo 70 for me?
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