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Red face take heart

Are you sure?? Well as a friend of mine would say"always look on the bright side of life."

Ok. postive thinking , NO negative stuff . 1st off you windsurf right ? Ok are you an AVID windsurfer.
I am sure you are. Ok think of it this way you 1st wife was windsurfing , so you all set. And you will soon be able to do alot more! Remember stay postive. Your wife you speak of was well, the other wife. Think of her as a mistress, you can trade then in.
Give her the house furniture the dressers etc etc , take the van and the boards and cash. Take a stress leave from work, and take a trip to margarita island, or cabarete brush up on your spanish.
Sail you ass off...and get laid...get laid alot.
If your the more introspective type try lake arenal at costa rica , sail like mad, do some horseback riding etc etc its not really a party place unless you go to eqiuss lodge saturday night.
then use that spanish, get laid ..alot.
I woudl say Maui if you want to sail your ass off but well, the wind averages right now arent so good. Forget getting laid its dead for broads. Like the guy are naish maui told me they are either hippies , on the take, looking for a big cash daddy or mixed up, maui no good for woman.

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