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Hi there,

just a quick report about my new evo 70 wood carbon. Sailed it twice yet, with a 4.7. Once baltic sea in 1-1.5 meter mushy slow waves (as usual) with and the other day in the north sea with a bit bigger waves and stronger sideonshore winds.

Planing and especially get going and is very easy. I was afraid about that but as Ola said once powered up the 70 has enough volume to do it all. Maybe the light carbon wood construction helps here as well.

In the bottom turns I had definitely to switch to more front foot sailing than Im used to with my evo 74. In the first bottom turns I nearly pushed the board under the water surface. That comes from the evo 74 which you have to really push when you want to turn fast and tight. After some crashes I was very pleased that I can just lean forward on the rail of the 70 and let the board do the turn instead of forcing the board to. That is the real advantage over the 74.

Jibing is easy as usual on an evo. Tacking is a bit more technical due to the shorter length. Ive to jump around quicker than Im used to.

Jumping is a bit different on the 70. I think its about the weight. A light board feels definately different in the air. I will get used to it and maybe love it in the end.

So Im really looking forward to sail it in proper waves in Denmark the next weeks and in january I think it will be my one and only board for cape town. Dont know really about the light wind (5.3) performance of the board yet, but it feels like I can leave the 74 at home which is good for travelling.

Happy sailing to all

Cheers Karl
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