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Ian is spot on WRT collecting dings and smacks with a Serenity. Both the nose and tail of the board are the most-hard hit when lugging around such a long object either on land or when entering in or exiting out of the water. No difference witnessed between my board-bag-pampered woody and heavily-school-used Technora versions.

As for sailing feeling, it's very hard to notice the 1kg weight difference per se between the two construction (e.g., on ultra-flat water with closed eyes). However, the wood construction provides a more direct, crisp and lively feeling over the Technora. This is particularly obvious when sailing at high speed upwind trough chop/swell : the long nose is much less shaking up and down (better vibration absorbing) with the woody than with the Technora. This crispiness/"racing feeling" is what I like the most with my woody Serenity. Worth the extra bucks IMHO.

As for long-term durability, two Technora Serenity stored year-round outdoor in direct sunlight/heat/cold/snow and 1 Technora stored in-house are still as in a pristine condition as literally brand-new since May 2007. One cannot see any visual difference so far (apart from the obvious man-made unavoidable few dings and scratches of course...).

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