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Default Phantom 380 tunning cuestions

Hi, i recived my new phantom 380 today. I was putting footstraps on and i'm not sure how i'm suposed to screw the upwind ones. With the amount of screws i recived i guess i have to screw both together in the center with only one screw, because i don't have enought to put 2 for each footstrap. And even more, there are no much inserts to do it. Is not to short the screw to go trough both footstraps? I didn't put the plastic piece betwen footstraps and board to put the screw deeper in the insert.
I wonder also wich is the function of the elastic rope in the footmast rail. Can i take it out?
I have also the board bag. I can tell you (as i expected before reciving it) that the zip for the fin is not enought to the back.
The board looks like very fragile, also the daggerboard system and i don't like that the clip for the footmast doesn't make any "click" when closing. I hope it will be possible to enjoy it for 10 years...I will take all the care i can of it.
Congratulations for bringing the raceboard back to life and for serenity. (I also practise wavesailing).
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