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Default Why does my weight affects the sailrange of a board ?

Hi Starboard Team,

how come, that the upper sailrange of a board is depending on the weight of the surfer ?

The answer for the lower sailrange is quite clear: heavier surfers can handle a specific board even with a very small sail, means in higher winds, when lighter sailors start losing control.

But what in very light winds and with the upper sailrange ?

Just to make my question clear:
Take the iS122. The "official" sailrange rans from 6.0 to 9.5
Take a rider with 70 kg and he would have no problem to sail a 11.0 on that board at light wind (I can !)
But take one guy with 100 kg - and he should better not go further than the 9.5, 'cause it starts getting uncomfortably for him.

Do you have any idea (even weird ones) how this effect might be explained ?

Cheers Jogi
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