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Smile Which waveboards and sizes?

I need to replace two of our waveboards. Right now we have a 62 liter 52,5 wide, a 68 liter 52,5 wide (old one) and a 78 liter 54,5 wide. We mainly sail on the Swedish westcoast and try to get sideshore conditions as often as possible. But it's also a lot of onshore conditions. We also have a 104 liter 64 wide freestyle but we really preffer the waveboards.

Both my girlfriend and I sail. She's 54 kg and I'm 72 kg. So I'm always on one size bigger board than she is. We have sailsizes from 5.7 and down to 3.4 for my girlfriend. The smallest board does not need to be replaced. It's the two ones above that we like to replace. The bigger one of these should carry 5.7 well but still be lively.
The smallest waveboard is used by my girlfriend from 4.2 and down but she sometimes use it with 4.7, she does not like the old style wave board to much.

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts?

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