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Hi Jean-Marc,

Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post
...The iSonic 122W75 paired with a Select RS7 55 cm fin and a Code Red 11m2 sail is a total pig when sailing upwind: zero upwind pointing ability. By comparison, HS105 is vastly superior ...
I totally agree ! ("No problem" was not, what I really meant. "Could be sailed" would have been better ...)
And what type of board will be perfect for me to ride a 11.0m sail, might be my next question to you, especially, as you might be in my weight range

Here, it's more about the effect, that lighter surfers can (more or less) comfortably sail bigger sails on the same board than heavy weighters. How come ?

Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post
As for a heavy weight 105 kg pal ... Forget using small HS105 or iSonic 122/133: he just sink ...
That's right - and the iS122 might be not the best example for the effect, I described earlier. But anyway: the effect is there, but it seems to be tough to get a scientific explanation for that ...

But you could be on the right track: the more a board sinks in, the more the centerpoint of the lateral plan (combination of the side of the board being in water and the fin area) will move towards the front of the board - and that might lead to the described effect !?


Originally Posted by Screamer View Post
Have you ever felt you've put a sail too big on any board? What happens then and how do you know it's too big?
Well, I do that pretty often. What happens is, that it gets more tricky not to turn upwind and your stance have to be pretty uncomfortable. The risk to be catapulted is rising due to your stance.

Originally Posted by Screamer View Post
You gain nothing in early planing, handling is horrible, you may even start to sink.
I would say: a 9.0m is too big for the S-Type 104 - right ?
But actually, I can and do go out with my 9.0 on that board, when I don't have my 69cm wide SL board by hand - and the 9.0 is a quite better performer in light winds than my 7.8m - even on the S-Type 104 !
It's not too comfortable - but I can manage that with 73 Kg. Try that with 100 Kg - and you are absolutely right: it's horrible !

But on the end, it's a question of definition: when I can go faster with a bigger sail, you might call it "not too big for me" ...

Originally Posted by Screamer View Post
Heavier riders will experience this with smaller sails than you. There's simply way too much weight and bulk on a board to carry. No scientific explanation here, but tried and tested many times.
Exactly !!!
May be, it's all about, how deep the board will sink in ... ?

Cheers Jogi
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