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Originally Posted by Screamer View Post
I'm very much surprised sType105 is usable at all under a 9m. I thought for most people it's a 6-7m board.
The official sailrange for the S-Type 104 goes from 4.5 to 6.8m. I personally love it most with a 6.5 race sail, and often I run it with 5.7 to 7.8m. I'm using GPS - and good powered up, the 7.8 runs faster on the S-Type than on my 69cm wide Slalomboard

For the recommended 4.5m sail (=lower sailrange limit), I would never use my S-Type 104: I would go down to 86 Liters or less. I guess, it's all a question of the riders weight.

Okay - the 9.0 is not my regular sail for this S-Type; especially for unsteady conditions, my wider SL board does it much better. But you can go out with the S-Type 104 and 9.0m to chase your GPS records, circle your race gybes and have fun - beginners and heavy weights excluded. Upwind abillities - who cares ? I always come back, where I started from.

Anyone out there, who could explain the effect...
...that lighter sailors do have a different sailrange than heavier ones - on the same board

... or at least other sailors, who can realize this effect at themselves.

Cheers Jogi
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