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Originally Posted by kvda View Post
So apart from the weight stuff, preferences, surfspot and personal style is a big issue.
You are right - and that's the problem:
The weight effect for the sailrange is there, but it's hard to say, how big it is, as many other things like experience, sailing technic, outline and volume of the board and all what you mentioned above will also affect the sailrange.

As far as I could learned here, the influence of the sailors weight might be best ascribed by two factors:
1.) The more excess volume a board have, the more stable it is (if all other things are equal). If you are light weighted, the same board is more stable to you, than for a heavier surfer. You will be able to tilt the sail further to the nose to keep the board from turning into the wind, the heavier one might sink in, while pushing more weight onto the bow of the board. So - a light weighted could handle bigger sails easier, 'cause the board is much more stable for him.
2.) When a board sinks in more due to the heavier weight of the sailor, the lateral plan of the combination "side of the board in water plus fin area" move forward. This leads to the need to tilt the sail even further to the bow of the board, than light weights have to do (to get a trimmed board).

Both factors make it easier for lighter people to ride too big sails on a specific board. Is it worth to do so ? For me, I would say: Yes, as on really light winds, I could manage to come in plane earlier with a too big sail !

Cheers Jogi
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