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I am sorry but for you you seem to be the kind of guy having his opinion and not listening what the other peaople are trying to tell you.

I am not a leightweight but i really have to say that to combine the right board with an appropriate sail size is much better idea than trying to convince that 9qm is good on 100liters.

I have the feeling on my boards that the best suitable sailsize for the board is somewhere in 2/3 of the reange, that's when I feel really comfortable. I fact in light wind you probably have a bigger fin on your board to get you on a plane quickly, but it makes the board really unstable when speeded up.

Use your boards with whatever sail you want and we all will sailing with rigth combos.

Ciao Michal.
Enjoy the wind when it is there...thats not exactly my case right now.
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