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Originally Posted by mim View Post
I am not a leightweight but i really have to say that to combine the right board with an appropriate sail size is much better idea than trying to convince that 9qm is good on 100liters.
Hi Michael,

you got me totally wrong. I do not try to say, that it's best to go out with a too big sail on a too small board. No question: the appropriate sail on the appropriate board with an appropriate fin - that's best, no question

All what I like to discuss is the affect, that the sailors weight does have an influence on the sailrange of a board.

Why do I like to discuss that (and find a proper scientific explanation for it) ?

I think, people should know, that their weight (and of course their ability to sail, the spot, the type of sail and so on; see above) do have an influence on the sailrange of a board.

I often can hear people complain, that they were fooled by the manufacturer, 'cause the sailrange he promised, could not be sailed. Mostly it's about the biggest sail of the sailrange and the surfer is of heavy weight or a light surfer, having trouble, using the smallest recommended sail. Big surprise ?

Did you get, what I mean ?

Originally Posted by mim View Post
Use your boards with whatever sail you want and we all will sailing with rigth combos.
I've 13 boards and even more sails here - and be sure, most of the time, I have the perfect fitted combo out there sailing

Originally Posted by Per View Post
I'm 95 kgs (+100 dressed up). On my S-type 115 I could quite easily carry a 4.7 wave sail in close to 30 knots of wind and have fun. Few 65 kg sailors would find that combo useable. The board would simply get airborne due to their less weight.
Exactly - that's it !!!!!

Cheers Jogi
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