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Hi Jogi,

no offence, from time to time there are threads from peaple that put here some kind of statement and are not open for discusion at all.

What I have to say to this topic:
I would reformulate what you say...lighter peaople are able to maintain smaller boards in light wind close to the planning treashold. It means even if you take 9sqm or more on 100liters board you can handle it...but it is not connected to the actual size/max recommended size ratio. It is more the weight to board volume ratio.

You are probably talking about the light wind...on the other a high wind, overpowered condition (letīs say with the biggest recommended sail) a heavy guy (100+kg) will be better on the same board than to manage the sail size in the strong wind and control the board better , you be faster on plane probably but finally on the max speed he will beat you.

I just wanted to say this.
For me this discusion is meaningless, becasue:

1. if you have a bigger board as an option it is always better to get a board and sail, that fit somewhere in the middle of the sail range for the current wind condition.

2. if you have not such a board or the wind is too light you will be fighting anyway, whatever combo you will take.

Sorry I just do not see the point.
But at least it is nice to talk about the gear, setup etc...
Have fun,
ciao Michal.
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