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Hi Michael,

Originally Posted by mim View Post
it is always better to get a board and sail, that fit somewhere in the middle of the sail range
Absolutely accurate !

But what is the sail range of a board ?
If you are average weighted, you just have to take a look at the catalog
But the others ... ? They should read this discussion first

Originally Posted by mim View Post
Sorry I just do not see the point.
Let's have an example: (Sail range data from 2007)
S-Type 104 => 4.5 ... 6.5m => middle: 5.5m
S-Type 115 => 4.8 ... 7.2m => middle: 6.0m
S-Type 126 => 5.0 ... 8.0m => middle: 6.5m

Let's say, I have a perfect board for my 9.0 and I have a perfect one for my 7.5, but I need a board,
what will fit perfectly for my 6.0m sail. I like to take an S-Type, but which one ?

If I would have 80...85 kg, I should take the S-Type 115, as it fits best: middle recommended sail is 6.0m - perfect !

But having this discussion in mind, people with 70 kg (100kg) might now be more aware: they take the S-Type 104 (the ST126 for 100kg), as they know, that their weight have an influence on the sail range of a board - and they both will have more fun with it, than with the S-Type 115 - I'm sure about that
(Don't forget: both (70kg and 100kg) were going to get a board for a 6.0m sail - not just getting any board for their weight ! And without this discussion, both would have thought, the S-Type 115 would be perfekt for the 6.0m sail ...)

That's the point; not more, not less !

Originally Posted by mim View Post
But at least it is nice to talk about the gear, setup etc...
Especially, when waiting for wind ...

Cheers Jogi
Who stops getting better, has stopped being good. (Philip Rosenthal)

P.S.: At the end, all three (70, 85 and 100kg) will (more or less) recognize the same perfect sail range for their 6.0m sail of 4.8...7.2m, but in 3 different boards !!!

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