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Default Formula vs Slalom Reaching Speeds

Here's a problem I need to figure out. Me and a few of the guys have thought to do a long distance race around our island and well we haven't done it in a long time. When we did do it, Formula did not exist so the discussion is would a Formula board break our current time?

I've been out sailing on biggish slalom gear with my mate while he's on Formula gear and for sure I've got a higher reaching speed, however VMG up or downwind I get toasted. But the course we'd do around the island has two massive reaching legs, with a fairly long downwind section and a bit shorter upwind section.

So I've been thinking a compromise setup would be to use my F-148 with the stock fin which is easier to handle at speed on long reaches compared and pretty fast. My slalom board would be a tad faster, but would lose out on the up and downwind legs!!

Problem is we don't windsurf so often these days, kiting seems to have taken over so never get out to GPS the gear and figure out the speed differences!
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