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Originally Posted by Reefmuncher View Post
Here's a problem I need to figure out. Me and a few of the guys have thought to do a long distance race around our island and well we haven't done it in a long time. When we did do it, Formula did not exist so the discussion is would a Formula board break our current time?
But the course we'd do around the island has two massive reaching legs, with a fairly long downwind section and a bit shorter upwind section.
I have the same problem: we have a course around our Island once a year, with catas (Nacra) and Formulas competing (once we had a kite, finishing in the very last).
If windy, (more than 18knts) the formulas (champions) are getting the first places, with Nacras in close 3rd place.
If less than 15 knots, the Formulas are dead.
Contrary to your island, rounding our is a course with 40% upwind, 40% downwind, and only 20% reaching.
That makes two months I am trying to get as much info as I can to get in the next event with a new gear, longboard or hybrid, with I guess a good chance in low wind to medium wind, and also maybe in very strong wind...

Thanks to keep in touch when we will make our experience!

One ask: your Island, if I understand, is like a stick with the wind perpendicular... how will you handle the long reach on the down-wind side with a formula or a slalom board?

Are you in cold or tropic water?

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