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This is really funny.
Poster #27 admits each every RS:R sail size needs some mast choice tweaking to make things work and/or keep on working, small sizes on wave masts, big ones on shorter masts to get some softness and reliability... or second tier X6 masts that still are "very good"... you have said it all! No need to add anything more, just a resume and obvious conclusions: only my conclusions are totally different from yours!
Those sails are stiff, recommended masts break, different masts obviously will not retain designed top performances. This is what you say, I don't disagree. Seems pretty clear that those rigs are designed for heavyweight top team racers, who need stiff sails and have unlimited supply of new masts.
Yet, NP is still "the Best"... the best for Albeau and Buzianis, probably yes; for you and me, I don't think so.

True same manufacturer doesn't mean same bend curve, and pity Peterman does not provide MaverX bend curves on his very useful IMCS bend curves web page. He did a great job nevertheless. Probably independent mast suppliers, such as MaverX, have their masts manufactured to have a decent fit on most sail designs, which means probably have intermediate bend curves (close to true constant curve / 12 bend characteristic?). One could guess they are less than ideal alternatives for "extreme" bend curves masts, such as both Neil Pryde and Maui Sails, for opposite reasons.

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