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You should try it a RSR on a shorter mast, I'll bet you sell the TR-sails at once. What is wrong with tweaking your sail to your weight/skills/sailngstyle? I wouldn't choose the same setup as Bjorn/Antoine??? I'll take 1m smaller, and probaly other masts. Is that wrong??? For low-wind or deep upwind/downwind the recommend mast is very good. In very strong winds you can soften up the rig by a shorter mast... The X9 wavemasts are not breaking, nor all x9 ultramasts I've used. I wouldn´t like to overdownhaul a new sail with recommend mast. Or rig it with a stiffer mast- stiffer top / different brand.

I owned a Mauisails tr-3 for a short period, but the sail had way less tuningoptions than the RSR. 1cm downhaul on the RSR is 100 times more effective than on Mauisails. Shorter mast also, Outhaul tuning is more alive. The mauisails is sometimes to soft, and giving a LOT less drive/power ratio. Mauisails is however sweet to rig and tune, because I have experienced a big range of well working settings. I can imagen a lot of riders like that.

It is a difficult story. But all the NP sailors I know that have found the sweetspot won't change the sails for another brand. You probaly haven't experienced it, but you will be stoked when you experienced it. Maybe you believe RSR is quite a nice sail, or not. I hope it helps some people to go faster, and have more fun!

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