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Default RE: Help - Water in the hole!

Hi James,
You can pretty much "dry out" your board if you use "thermal expansion" to your best advantage here.
You are already using the paper towel "wicks" and that's very good.
To get all the moisture out, a vacuum pump is the fastest and best way, but you can use simple thermal expansion" to do nearly as good a job of extracting all the moisture in the core of your board.
Let the sun do the work for you.
Put your board on something soft, top side and vent side up.
Remove the vent plug and let the board warm up in the sun.
Then when the day is starting to cool off, put the vent plug (with a new O'ring, or better still get a small fiber washer "gasket" that will fit in the vent plug counterbore) back in your board to "seal it up".
As the board cools the resuliting partial vacuum will bring more moisture up to the vent plug.
When everything is as cool as it's going to get for the evening, remove the vent plug and put another wick in it.
Repeat this process a few times and the water and water vapor in your board's core will be dried out completely.
Hope this helps,
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