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Default RE: Fin size for Carve 99 2003

Hi Berend,
Got to agree with Egor here.
I've sailed alot of Carve 99's and the stock fins normally were fine for
sails up to 7.0 m2.
7.0 and larger seemed to need about a 4 cm increase.
Also, going to a more vertical profile fin (like the Select Superfast or the Drake SR6B or Slalom Pro) will give you better upwind performance than the stock C-99 fin.
Also, you are most likely still trying to sail upwind by tipping the upwind rail down slightly.
This is the "slow way" and doesn't give you the upwind speed and angle that you could achieve by learning to sail upwind "on the fin" or on "fin lift" vs sailing on the upwind rail and using the boards rockerline to keep you heading upwind slowly.
By choosing the more vertical planform (outline profile) you may be giving up a slight bit of the "turniness" the C99 is known for, and it may be very slightly more difficult to jibe, but the C99 almost jibes by itself, so you won't have any problems with jibing.
With the more vertical planform you will get better speed and much better upwind angle.
When you decide on a smaller sail, you probably will want to get a smaller fin (25-30 cm) to go with the smaller sail.
Hope this helps,
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