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Default What board & sail for lightest winds going beam reach ?

Hi Starboard Team,

I'm looking for a fast board with very early planing ability. Going far up- or downwind is not the goal,
but being the first in plane and the fastest on the plane at a beam reach or slightly broad reach is the goal.

Me, that's 185cm and about 73 Kg, advanced skills, but not a pro

I'm using S-Type 104 with (5.0)5.7 to 7.8(9.0) and JP SLalom III 109 with (6.5)7.8...9.0.

I like to be well powered up, to chase my own GPS records. For the light winds from 7...13 ktns, I'm looking for a bigger sail than my 9.0 and an appropiate board for that. I think, I could handle a 10.0 on the JP 109, but that might not be a perfect combination and the 10.0 might be too close to my 9.0.

Do I have to go for a formular or better take an iSonic or something else ?
Is it worth to go for a 12.5m sail or will 10.5m be enough ?

Greetings Jogi
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