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In our Island, no much luck to have a day showing a cross wind to have a reach on the two long legs,(40% + 40% of the course) and even in that case, the hills are high and stiff enough to make very unstable the downwind (leeward?) reach, unless you cruise more than 1 mile away the coast!
Thanks to these high hills, we have an overall look of the race who shows these last years that in more than 15 knots the formulas get great advantage on the Nacra's, and suddenly they lost more or less all because of a no-wind hole, or because they start to plane without gaining upwind, and also, (big surprise for me), planing without gain downwind! these "staying at the same place" might be as long as 15 to 30 minutes on a 2 hours race!
I am close to make my choice of material for the next event: two boards, two sail: If the wind is definitively lower than 15 knots I will go with a raceboard + 9.5 sail, if the wind is more than 15 knots, it will be a hybrid with 9.5 or 7.5. (I weight 70 kgs, 155 lbs).
In case of doubt (wind between 12 to 18 knots) I will race on the raceboard.
Hybrid: BIC 310 OD (I dream of a pro light version, but as I use the hybrid only if windy the weight is not so crucial), or Exocet Pacer Pro
Raceboard: Exocet X380, old or new Equipe, or... new Phantom!
My challenge is to show new options for this race, and to place in the top ten
overall: formulas and cata.
With the specificity of our race, no luck I think for a slalom board.

Lucky we are to live on island: this kind of race around shore is captivating!

Some advise about the sails? my priority is for: 1st performance upwind, 2nd Lightness and easy handle.
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