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Evil Twins rather similar to EVOs but even surfier. Since, if I got it correctly, your bigger board should also work for more B&J sailing for your wife, I don't think an Evil Twin will be an as good compromise as the EVO 80.

For the smaller board, you could look at both the ET 74 and the new ET 70. I think the ET 74 will maybe be unnecessarily big. The ET 70 is an interesting alternative. More compact and surfy than the E70. Hard to say which you will like best. In the end, my prediction is that the the overall range (both involving skill levels, wave conditions and wind range) is bigger on the EVO 70. In fact the range of the EVO 70 is the widest of any boards I've came across, which is especially good when you will be sharing it.

The best would be to try them out. Maybe that could be arranged. I have been known to visit the Swedish west coast at times. And I have both EVO 66, 70 and ET 70 and 74.
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