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Default How small sails and fins on formula?

Today I had a great experience. Being a little overpowered on my F159 10.3 sail combo with a 70 Drake fin, i made a funny experiment and switched the sail to a 8.5m2 7 batten no cam freerace sail and the fin to a "tiny" 55 cm deboichet custom....
The result was excellent. Pointing was of course less than with the traditional set up, planing only suffered slightly in the lulls, but the control and speed really made me fly. Reaching and downwind was seriousely faster than normal. I flew past some kiters I normally struggle with in complete control. The board was surprisingly stable even in what seemed normal 6.5 conditions. My question is how many formula sailors experiment with their equipment in this "slalom" motion and where's the limits. Will it work with a 7.5 sail and 45 fin in really rough conditions. Big sails/small fins? What about speed? My guessing is that i averaged 3-4 knots faster downwind than normal. That's a lot, but probably not enough to compensate for the loss in pointing on a race course.
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