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Originally Posted by jogi1111 View Post
Hmm: 55cm fin for a 11.0mē; may be I've to get a few more cm of fin ? I should try that Code Red !
Well, the reason why I limit myself to 54/55 cm fins is because of the OFO width of the HS105 : 54 cm wide. Pointless to go bigger than that in fact. HS105 is a very special board WRT fin size, i.e., you can choose much smaller fins than on a classic flat-bottomed wide board.

Sorry: HS105 ?
Is this the HyperSonic 105 (2003) with a width of about 77cm ?
Correct, sorry for the slang...

And also par speedwise against a 70 Kg pal with a FW ... Code Red 11.0 m2 sail combo ?
Sorry, not done yet. Drag racing done with a 65 kg pal on SB F158 + 70 cm fin + RS5 9.8 sail and myself on HS105 + 54 cm fin + NP RX2 10.6 m2 sail: I was quite surprised to get planing earlier than him as I thought FW is the pinacle of early planing. Quite untrue when you consider the light weight of the guy and his 9.8 sail which is mainly designed as a high wind formula sail and not as a low wind sail. RX2 10.6 sail has the same bottom end (7 knots planing threshold) as the Code Red R2 11.0 but much less top end (12 versus 14 knots respectively. Guess that's the R&D input between 2000 and 2007 years...)

Hopefully, I was right with the HyperSonic guess ...
...then - as you have choosen this HS105, you might be better on that, when the wind picks up a bit, as on the iS133 - right ?
That's correct. I can hold HS105 up to 25 knots of wind with a 5.4 m2 sail and a 26 cm fin. By contrast, iSonic 133W85 is becoming a handfull with 20 knots wind with a RS1 6.6 m2 sail and either a 40 or a 32 cm fin: I loose a lot by electing to go too wide, too bulky and too thick rails. This is the main reason why I still keep HS105 from 7 up to 25 knots of wind with 4 sails (5.4-11 m2) and 4 fins (26-55cm) for my taste: a truly mini-formula/wide slalom/racing slim convertible which fits perfectly to my 65 kg x 183cm body frame.

Cheers !

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