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Cool Board wind-range and weight.

Isnt it time some kind of allowance/explanation was made on site for variations in rider weight for wind range of various boards.
For example the kode 86 is quoted as having a windrange of 4.0 to 6.0(sail usage).
Now I`m pretty sure the board would not be ideal when coupled with a 6 metre and my 95k rider weight.
On the other hand I do think the Kode 102(sail range 5 to 7.5) would work quite well with a 4.5 when carrying 95k plus.
Neither of these "opinions" are born out in specifications.
My own Evo 92 works great (for me) easily down to 4 metre but struggles with anything over 6. (sail range 4.5 to 6.5)
It could lead to heavier riders buying wrong board or not buying a board that could be ideal. ( heavier mate of mine has a fantasic time on kombat 105 in 4.5 weather;which I think is out of "ideal range" of board.
Whats teams opinion on rider weight affecting board range ???

Does heavier rider decrease both upper and lower limits ? (ie range is same) I think it does???
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