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Apologies it looks like I`ve tried to hijack this thread.I posted my question before seeing this.
Anyway original poster has got a very good point.
Kode 86 is quoted as sail range 4.0 to 6.0. Dont think I could "sensibly" use it with a 6. (Struggle on my Evo 92 with a 6 or to be more accurate its obvious I would be better on a bigger board.)
The kode 102 is quoted 5.0 to 7.5. Two things a)It was fine with 4.5 (with my not incoonsiderable bulk) but I would not use it ith 7.5 !
My evo works down to 4 metre but is not "ideal" with a 6. I use it well out of range.(I`d guess 3.7 to 5.4 ish)
Could lead to heavies buying wrong kit or more serously from SB`s point of view missing an "ideal" sale.
Heavier mate (108k) specifacally bought k105 for sub 5metre days.Works great for him.
Daughter (67k) goes great on Evo 92 with 6.5 !

Seems to me heavier riders decrease both upper and lower limits of a board but its range stays pretty constant. (approx 2 metre range generally on wave/high wind kit)
Lighter sailors increase both.(but again range is pretty similar)

This should be pointed out in specfication.(But it takes some explaining ?)
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