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Which is fine if you happen to be an average weight rider.(Whatever that is?)

I agree an explanation and or a table would be overly complicated and probably confuse the issue even further but the simple fact is that the quoted windranges (guide or not) are infact wrong for many riders.

We do this every time more objectivity is called for.Fog the issue with statements about variables and complications.(Heard same argument for measurment of sail sizes;mast stiffness;board volumes etc etc) Its what we always say.(Then go on about rider experience;application; etc etc) We introduce the variables to further the argument !

At my sailing weight (about 103k) I`ve learnt to ignore manufacturers guides.I find them out myself ! It normally leads to some "expert" (lightweight ; both senses of word) approaching on beach and reminding me that the k105 isnt really good for sails under 5 metres. Sorry it is !!!Its superb ! (For me) (To be honest I find it better in 5 metre weather than Evo 92.(or perhaps better suited to my weight/skill/conditions etc etc)

It really has to be blowing hard and constant for me to get any benefits from going smaller.
That is not born out in guides.
If I followed guides (for wind ranges)I should be on perhaps Kode 80 ? (for 5 metre days)
By experience I still need(or its nearer "ideal") around 95 litres on 5 metre days.
Perhaps its just me ????
What do other 100k+ riders use in 5 metre weather ?
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