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Well, I haven't sailed the new K-Aeros and only the A117 (and the Starsurfer 127 which is the A127 shape but heavier) so its hard for me to give detailed response. I don't know about the fins either, but I know that I got my (very early production) Kombats and Flare with the old fins because the new Crossover fins were not ready. I also don't know how much the new K-Aero fin is updated from the old Freeride flow. The new fins are still labeled freeride flow and are one size smaller than 06. So, if the fin is not updated you would actually be lucky to get an extra fin compared to what is supposed to come with the board.

In any case, I think its often a bit decieving to focus so much on width (as some magazines has told us to do). I tested Acid 74 protos which were almost 2 cms apart in width and they had exacly the same feel when it comes to sail carrying and such things. One of them turned out to be a better board, but not because of the width per se. So, therefore my own decicion if I were to get a new board instead of my K117 would easily have been to choose the KA117, despite the less width. Of course such a decision involves lots of stuff (I'm light, will not use a 9sqm sail etc). I do have Dols original test report of the two Aeros in the back of my head and I recall he thought the difference in "size feel" beween them was substantial. So, you might just have to big a board and if you could test the 117 it would be very interesting.
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