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Default iS111 08 vs. 09

Hi Ian/Remi/Chris!

I have an iS111 08, but I am thinking of upgrading to a 09 model. I hope the answers to these questions will help me decide on what to do...

1. How would you compare these two boards in terms of early planing, planing through the lulls, speed and control? Is there any difference? (The change of the planing threshold and planing through the lulls is what actually interests me the most.)

2. What difference should I expect from the double winger feature? I've read the explanation on the product page, but I not sure I really understand the benefits...

3. I am 75kg and want the use the board in ca. 12-20 knots winds with the 8.3 and 6.8 sails. Should I perhaps go for the 122 instead of 111?

Thanks a lot, cheers,
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