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Hi Marek and CC,
I was sort of waiting to discover what sort of sail the OP has and then hopefully we would have a better idea on what the issues might be.
As far as the "Robin Hood Stance".... I hadn't heard that one.... why not simply "ease" your sheeting angle.
If you have your harness lines balanced like mine, the rig will have a mild back hand pull even when very overpowered, and you can simply "ease off".
Where is it written that you have to "hang on" for dear life with the rig locked down on the deck and fully sheeted in?
I know many formula racers have been runing their lines really far back but the idea there is to make is so when you "push out" with the front hand, you are really sheeting in, so the load comes off the back hand and the back foot to some degree.
I've tried it, and it works, but it's very uncomfortable to me.
As far as "spreading" your harness line attachment points for overpowered sailing, many used to do that, but with modern sails that don't drift the CE fore and aft in the sail much, many sailors are now running only 1 fist width or less (the free stylers run the lines with the attachments together) .
So I don't think this is really applicable here.
We'll find out if the OP lets us know what sort of rig he's using.
Could be something a very old triangular, long boom, soft sail, or
it could be the latest fully battened 6.5 m2 rig. How each would feel and
the conditions under which you would need to "push out" with your front hand, would be completely different.
Hope this helps,
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