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Hi Jean-Marc
I never said they were deliberately wrong.
I said they were wrong for a lot of riders.Obviously they are fine for many.
Just think there should be allowance mentioned/made to indicate that in some instances (generally for riders towards either extreme of weight) the ranges quoted may well be innapropriate.
Its pretty well accepted heavier riders cant carry as big sails (on smaller boards) yet they can use biggish boards with under the minimum rig size quoted.(with sufficient wind)
Read on some other thread today about Ian Fox saying he prefered (dont quote me on this I`m trying to remember exact statement) I think it was k95 over k85 in 5 metre weather; the k95 was in theory out of its sweet spot on sail size and 85 exactly in it.

If the ranges are correct how come so many sailors do sail well out of them ? Like I mentioned earlier my Evo 92 with 95k+ on it does NOT work in any way you could call ideal with over a 6.Yet it works fine with a 6.4 carrying 65k.There is simply no mention of this anywhere on SB`s site !

Boards DO have different wind ranges for different weights.(Pretty obviuos really !)
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