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I am sure that Remi will offer some suggestions, but I have an 08 iS 111 and weigh 79Kg.

I too sail Formula.

My primary sails for the 111 are 7.6 & 6.6. I also use an 8.4 and I tried a 5.7 once. Sweet spot is about 7.5. For me, the wind range for the 111 is 12 knots to 22 knots. When it's 20 knots plus I get on a smaller board for free sailing.

The 111 is a rough ride where I sail, but is better in open water where the waves / chop are further apart. For me, the board is a bit large for winds over 20 knots.

If you wanted just two sails to cover the 111, maybe a 6.5 and 8.0.

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