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Exclamation decisions

I just might woody, but its phantom OR...
two weeks in maui....eqiuvalent of two summers of high wind days.

I am looking around for a used board, and maybe just maybe i will make it up to the moosefest, but until then I am happy to read on the net and hear from guys like tbay ray that the phantom is not totally dominating.
Close racing is the best racing. Two people racing the same course, same ability, playing the same shifts and one just ekes out the other as they tacked gybed or played a shift slightly better is good racing.
A guy jumps on a kick ass board and beat the same equal abillity guy by minutes is not good racing, in fact it will discourage people.

I raced my old mistral competition SST against guys with funboards (at the time smaller 160 to 190 small centerboard types,) slaughtered them and really didnt have fun doing it.
so we will see if i can find something that is close , i thoight about the prodigy but well we will see.

thunder bay jeff
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