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A great article, and "brain replacing brawn" , yes its true. I am way better at 43 then 23 or even 33!!. You just dont have the energy to waste, when you do you find out fast!!!
Speaking to the psycologica aspects of sailing woudl be great!!
I still run up against the wall , I suspect like many , and especially in conditions i am not used to ie: when on holidays.
Three years ago in maui, i reached a mental state that allowed me to advance my skills in waves tenfold ( still not very good but I WAS lousy before)and this after i had been going there for many years.
Last year i hit a wall and was fighting it out there on the water.
I had not learned to read myself sail in and relax, rehydrate have a snack or even pack up take a day off and go hiking.
Conditions were semi extreme as well, 4.2 being the sail choice and i am 195 lbs!!
A broken footstrap screw mid gybe put me over the handle bars and my foot in ice with a lingering injury that after 5 months finally has settled.
But when it happened it was 1 day before departure , 4.2 conditions , voodoo chop and ..i was pushing it and not in the groove.
Again a lesson learnt.

Jeff E
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