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Roly Gardner
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Default Initiating Gybes

Hi All,

I wonder if I might have your thoughts and observations on gybing, particularly the set up and early movements? I would like to have a clear understanding of what I am trying to do and perhaps some drills to practice in order that I can build up the sequence.

I am not talking about a full blooded carve gybe necessarily. I have studied the magazines and dvds but I am still confused about the actions I need to take to get the board set up for the turn. It seems that there are conflicting views on this. Jem Hall seems to sink the tail of the board, move his back hand down the boom, sheet in and hey presto, around he goes with a controlled exit and late rig flip. Others seem to say that you must get your weight forward and make room for your body by pushing the rig away and using a more dramatic rail tilt, drive the board round.

I have tried these things to no avail. Mostly I find it difficult to get the board to bear away from the wind and even if it does I find myself stuck in the "running" position, ie wind directly behind and both feet pointing down the board. Not very stable! At this stage I usually fall in or end up heading back into wind.

As ever nay advice would be much appreciated.


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