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Thanks Roger, Thanks Ellen,

Some useful tips there. I do think that I am trying to gybe without enough initial speed. This is probably because I hoped to get a "feel" for manoeuvre before moving on to higher wind situations. This is a process I have used successfully for other techniques. Is that possible or do I really have to power up and go for it? In truth, that was what I had to do to getting into the foot straps as Roger knows. I was rushing and not waiting to get sufficient speed to make the transition.

Yes Roger, I have a Carve 145. I notice that the demo board that Jem Hall is using is not a modern short board and this I think has confused me a bit. He refers to the action as "a turntable". By sinking the tail, the board turns around this apex. My attempts fail at the point that I am pointing down wind. I get stuck in this position as I do not know what I a supposed to do! The board seems not to want to continue the turn and I just keep "running" downwind. This is a pretty unstable position even on my largish board and I usually fall in or just reverse up and tack!

I certainly have not been tipping the board away from the wind by putting the pressure on the lee rail. I have been trying to get the board moving by bearing the rig away. This has a limited effect I find and I am sure that I am not doing this right. I tend to draw the mast across a bit and forward by extending my front arm whilst looking off downwind. Is that right? Should I exaggerate the movement perhaps?

In terms of the rig flip, should I try to hold the rig clew first until I am out of the turn as I have seen on the instruction dvds or make an early flip so that I can power up and away. Would the latter help drive the board around the final part of the turn. Maybe I can work out the feet switch once I get the gybe working or is this integral to the process?

Thanks again.


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