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Default Isonic 2007 -> 2006 changes

Hi all,

From looking at the pictures of the new Isonic range i have some questions :

Are the smaller isonics 94-87 completely new boards or an evolution from the old sonic 85-95?

Will the smaller isonics (from 133 down on) be available in what used to be dram?

Are there a lot of substantial changes to the 101-111-122-133 models?

I think those are questions that will come up once in a while from seeing the boards and i'm very curious to hear from some of the starboard riders who have been involved in the development.

I might add i'm looking for a board to replace my 10 years old and used F2 sputnik265 WCE
i allready had my eye on a Fanatic Falcon80 but wanted to wait for the new isonic range to decide.

It's up to you to convince me to go for the isonic (94 or 87)

My weight is about 74 kg and i surf on flat water (very choppy most of the time) in holland.
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