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Certainly a well argued position.

If making a personal choice for recreation sailing or club racing (where available locally) it would be a long board with a moderate sail size. However, I favour FOD as an alternative to RSX which is expensive and not generally available anyway.

The retail part of the industry here in Australia does not promote sales of long or hybrid boards - I am happy to be corrected on this partial impression -otherwise we have to ask why is it so? Lack of a local club racing scene? Too expensive? This is not a criticism of the retailers, but only the idea that their market testing suggests that is not where the sales are going to be? Or self forefilling prophesy?

FOD by contrast at least superficially looks like the wide kind of board that Joe public sails and the 'less is more' approach does have its own attraction.

So yes poll the sailors but also ask the retailers in the front line too?
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