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Jesper, you ask about what boom he use... Do you think it can make a difference?

I notice that you are team rider for Aeron booms. What do you like about them?

I just got Aeron carbon boom but I did not try it yet (it is an older 2007 model but with new wide tail end). I noticed that the head is very wide (similar to Pro-limit). It makes a lot of sense to me, rig can be more upright, your hands are straight on the boom (without twisting), easier gybing etc...

What I would like to know if is this shape also good for extreme overpower conditions? I noticed that I sometimes put my front hand all the way to the front to be closer to the rig (in big gusts). With Aeron head shape, I can not imagine how I would do that? Is it a problem?

Erik, sorry for stealing the thread....
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