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Ok Ola, it a good question.
As maybe you know I used acid 74+86 before, my sails are blade 3.7, 4.2, 5.0 and 5.7(only for the A86) and I weigh 80-82/83 kg. I like small boards with speed, nervousness, reactivity and grip to carve.

This year I decided to try twinzer because I'am very curious . Naturally I change my A74 for a ET74 and I keep my A86 because I use it in irregular conditions and sometimes on flat water with big sails (5.7) and It's seem me to be much better for this.

I receive my ET74 in july, I try it all the summer and september in various conditions: side, sideon, side off, small and big waves and with 3.7, 4.2 and 5.0 overpowered or lowpowered.
I like it! The perfect compromise between evo (Sorry I hate the evo's ) and acid (I Love Acid!!!). The ET have good speed, pretty planning, good and easy upwind and a fantastic grip for surf. Bottom turn and top turn can be more radical and easy.

The only """problem""" for me is the ET74 seems to be too big for me ( I love small boards with minimum width and volume feeling). I have a 78 liter board feeling with ET74

In fact ET74 is for me the perfect unique wave board or the perfect trip board but with my A86 the two boards are too close. Then as I had the possibility of changing easily for ET70, I order it.

I hope to have a board a little more aggressive with OFO width shorter and with a small board feeling in big wind conditions.

I have chance to try other products on the market and in the other brands we recommand to use the superior size (fanatic, mistral etc) In my opinion I think for Evil it's not true. I think we can choose the good size (you search a 75 liter you choose ET74 etc...).

That's the reason why... :-) , I hope to have answered your questions and I will inform you after my first sessions with the ET70

Sorry for my poor english...

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