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Hello Oldhorse, and welcome to the Starboard forums!
I'm going to guess that you have either an F-Type 138 or one of the older small formula
Either way the technique to point the board upwind is the same, and there are really 2 different techniques depending on whether or not you are planing.
What size sail do you have and how much wind are you sailing in.
If you are not planing, the best way to stay upwind is to simply move off center on the board slightly upwind to tip the board so the upwind rail is lower than the downwind rail.
This works in non-planing conditions as uses the "shape" (rockerline) in the bottom of your board to cause the board to turn slightly upwind all the time.
You do not need to rake your sail back much at all, just keep it powered up so the cant in the bottom of your board can take you upwind.
If you have a large enough sail and are planing, then the way to go upwind (pointing) is
a bit more complicated to understand, but it works very well and can get you pointing higher and going much faster.
Once you are fully planing, hooked in, and in the footstraps, you lift slightly with you front foot to slightly roll your board until the lee rail is very slightly lower that the upwind rail.
Then you push across the top of the fin with your back foot/leg and the board will point upwind and sail upwind "on the fin".
This is very counterintuitive, but it's the way short wide boards with big fins go upwind.
Also what size fin do you have.
Hope this helps,
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