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Thanks, Philip.

I should point out that in a lively behind-the-scenes exchange about this letter (and for once it was not me who was being provocative) the executive of the IWA have behaved in a thoroughly professional and gentlemanly fashion. Ceri Williams, who took the lead in presenting the IWA's position, was a pleasure to deal with.

I should also point out the point is NOT to promote the RSX or any longboard over the FOD for the Games. Leaving the whole OG games question aside, personally I'd much rather get a FOD than an RSX!

The issues - and they remain live ones - is whether or not the IWA should lend its name to a bid from one of its classes, without asking the national bodies and the sailors. Secondly, whether the IWA should support a bid that claims to speak for what racers want, when the world's racers have not been asked what they want and when most racing doesn't appear to be on "planing" boards.

The market may not support longboards, because they tend not to be the sort of thing that gets replaced every year or two. And some do have some odd preconceptions; at least one retailer has stated that he believes that LBs are for people who cannot afford FW, which is pretty weird considering that many of the longboard crowd are very comfortable financially. Then again, the same guy says that LBs are for people who aren't competitive enough for RSX, which is odd considering the top man and woman at the RSX nats both sail LBs and at least one of them does not win there.
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