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A followup post would be in order.

Good and bad news (well, no news is bad news in this case).

I had the opportunity to try out a MFC RC 40cm fin on my board, and wow what a difference. Not only did the amounts of spinouts drop, but the board felt much more at ease at higher speeds. Soon I'll be able to try out the 44cm version, but ultimately I would like the try out 36 and 38s.

That was the good news, a positive experience with MFC. The negative news, or complete lack of news, is that I, as I mentioned last week, mailed Vector Fins for availability and prices and have heard absolutely nothing from them, no response, no automated message... nothing. Its too bad, and a little bit irritating since I really wanted to try out one of their fins. I'll give them a few more weeks to respond, but after that I'll probably just give up and spend my money with MFC.

Again thanks to y'all for your feedback!
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